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Описание: Read the text and insert suitable words from the box below. Answer the questions.Tick the things that are important for you as a student. Explain your choice. Answer the following questions. Give reasons to your ideas. Complete sentence with a proper word.
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Read the text “Starting University” and insert suitable words from the box below. Days school home Psychology college library

students week year nights studies   My first …… at university were very exciting. It was my first time away from ….. and suddenly I found myself on my own in a completely new world. Although this was somewhat daunting* to begin with, living in …… with dozens of other …… gave me a sense of security. With no rules to cramp** our lifestyle, most of us spent the first …. staying up all night, getting to know each other. After numerous*** ……. of no sleep, however, life settled down a bit and I began to pay attention to my ……

University is very different to ….., and it is very strange at first to have so much freedom. As a student of ……., I had only one hour of lectures a day, but I was expected to spend the rest of the day studying in the ……. But actually, I must admit that most of my first ….. was a time of meeting people and learning to be independent.

*Daunting – пугающий, страшный

**To cramp – ограничивать

***Numerous – многочисленный

Answer the questions.

Does the student describe his first or last year at the university?

Did he live with his parents while being a student?

Is university similar to school?

Was the student very busy with studying?

Did he enjoy his university life?

Tick the things that are important for you as a student. Can you explain your choice? Get new knowledge Find a boyfriend/girlfriend  Find new friends New lifestyle  Lots of freedom Learn more of my favourite subjects  Scholarship Be a part of students’ culture  Get to know lots of people Get ready for future profession and life  What should one do to be a good student? Discuss your ideas in groups and then present them to the class. The following words and phrases may help you:

Attend classes/lectures/ seminars

Listen carefully

Do home assignments

Read a lot

Be in time for lectures/classes

Take an active part (in smth)

Do one’s best

Do you think students often get into funny or unpleasant situations during their studies? Read the text to learn what things can happen.

Two students at Oxford University were so confident of passing their end-of-year exams that instead of revising over the weekend they decided to go to a party.

On Monday morning they had terrible hangovers and were in no state to sit their exam. One of them phoned their professor and told him that they had gone away for the weekend and the car had broken down on the way back to Oxford, so they could not get there in time for the exam. The professor was very understanding. “No problem”, he said. “These things happen. You can take the exam on Wednesday”.

The students could not believe their luck. So on Wednesday the two students went in to the university to sit their exam, feeling very pleased with themselves. The professor put them into different rooms so they could not talk to each other and gave each of them the exam paper in a brown envelope. When they opened the envelopes, they found only one question to answer: “Where exactly did the car break down?”

Do you think the students passed their exam?

Complete each sentence with a proper word. The first letters have been given.

Everyone agrees that good e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is important.

Kate spent 6 years studying at u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

I really want to have good k_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the subject.

If you do not know a word, you should look it up in a d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

You are too noisy! You need more d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

He conducted an interesting and important r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ while doing his PhD degree.

Some students do not pay much a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to what the lecturer says.

The more I read on the subject, the more I u _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it.

Helens hopes to g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from the university next year and find a good job.

Look at “5 bad study habits”. Read what solutions are suggested for “bad study habits” and insert words from the list into proper places. What “bad study habit” does each heading refer to?

Taking linear notes.

Highlighting the book.

Rewriting notes.

Memorizing definitions.

Re-reading the chapter.

Review memorized concepts important highlighted different exchange re-reading  

Put all the information into a chart or shrinking outline. Before every new lecture you should ________ your notes and make relationships between key _________.

Use the information you highlight to create a practice exam. Put __________ words onto flashcards and practice until you know every term. Highlight new words, new concepts and separate topics in __________ colours.

_________your re-written notes with a classmate and create a practice exam from his/her notes. Repeat this process a few times.

Make sure that while ________ a chapter you use active steps, like charts, shrinking outlines and practice tests.

Once you have ____________ the definitions, give yourself a short essay practice test – define a term and explain why it is _________. Be able to compare your terms to something of similar importance.


Law faculty of Omsk State University, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008, is considered to be a leading center for legal training in our region.

Law Faculty has more than 2000 full-time and part-time students, who can get specialist’s, bachelor’s (BA in Law) and master’s degrees. Students can then specialize and master their professional skills in 3 fields: State Law, Civil Law or Criminal Law. Law graduates can also continue their post-graduate education and get a PhD degree. There are 70 lecturers and teachers, many of whom are graduates of Law faculty of OmSU, working in 8 Chairs: Chair of Labour Law, Chair of Criminal Law and Criminology, Chair of State and Municipal Law, Chair of Social Law, Chair of Theory of State and Law, Chair of Civil Law, Chair of Civil Procedure, Chair of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics.

The Faculty offers its students various modern facilities: laboratories of criminalistics and psychodiagnostics, 3 computer classes, Law library. It has its own network and a web-site. Law faculty takes part in a number of international projects. Students can participate in international competitions and exchange programmes and go on study-visits to some European countries.

The faculty offers students a chance to join scientific societies in Criminal Law, Criminalistics, Prosecutor’s Supervision, State Law and Civil Law. Student’s scientific conferences in various fields of study are held every spring. There are also competitions in different subjects.

The curriculum corresponds to national requirements and includes general, special (professional) and optional subjects. All senior students must pass 3 state exams at the end of the final year: Theory of State and Law is obligatory for everybody, the other two depend on the field a student specializes in (State law, Civil Law and Procedure or Criminal Law and Procedure). Each student must also choose a topic (and agree it with the scientific supervisor) on which to write a final qualification paper and then present it at the formal defence procedure.

Students’ life can be very active as well. Those who like sports can join the faculty ice-hockey and football teams. Besides scientific societies and sport teams, students can take part in various competitions (Law Faculty Talents, Photographers, Study review (in English). There is also a tradition to celebrate different students’ events in one of Omsk night-clubs.

Senior students can work in legal clinics. They acquire and master their skills of working with people, solving various legal problems. Students help citizens to fill in applications for courts of general jurisdiction, prosecutor’s office, claims to local authorities. Teachers supervise and help students while consulting people in legal clinics, and a reference from the faculty may help in future employment.

Studying in the Law faculty is not easy but very interesting and useful. Most of the students are proud that they are students of law faculty of Omsk State University.

Answer the questions:

1) How old is Law faculty of Omsk State University?

2) What degrees can students get after graduating from Law Faculty?

3) What facilities does the faculty offer?

4) What scientific societies can students join?

5) What types of subjects does the curriculum include?

6) What state exams must students pass at the end of their studies?

7) What events can students take part in?

8) What do students do in legal clinics?

9) How can participation in legal clinics help a student in future employment?

Guess whether these statements are true or false.

1) Only full-time students study in Law Faculty.

2) Students can master their professional skills in three fields.

3) There is a special Chair of International law in the faculty.

4) all students must take part in exchange programmes.

5) Students have no chance to do research in the faculty.

6) Students must pass three exams at the end of the final year.

7) Writing a leaving paper under the guidance of a scientific supervisor is not obligatory.

8) Students do not have any leisure activities at the faculty.

9) Students can work in legal clinics and help citizens to solve different legal problems.

10) Law faculty is one of the most popular in Omsk.

Guess what word is defined. Find sentences with these words in the text.

a person who has a university degree;

to take part in an activity

to become a member of an organization, a club, a company, etc.

the ability to do something well;

work, especially when it is done to earn money;

an event in which people compete with each other to find out who is the best at something;

Match the two parts. Make your own sentences with each word-combination. 1) Part-time a) graduates  2) master’s b) clinics  3) legal c) a dissertation  4) scientific d) exams  5) take e) students  6) write f) society  7) pass g) degree  8) law h) part  

5.Make sentences from the given words:

1) Eight / are / in faculty / there / chairs / our .

2) Societies / students / join / scientific / can / various.

3) Legal / clinics / in / employment / students / helps / in / future / working.

4) State / of / students 3 / have / studies / the / end / at / exams.

5) Law / projects / can / in / international / students / participate.

6) Students / it / then / must / a / dissertation / and / write / present.

Insert one word in a suitable form into each sentence.

1) Our faculty _______ the students different facilities.

2) Some students _________in national and international competitions.

3) Working in __________ clinics may help in future employment.

4) _________ students usually study every day.

5) Scientific society in Criminal law is very popular, many students _________ it last year.

6) Students should acquire and master many _________ during their studies. 7) Obtaining a _________ degree usually takes 4 years.

8) Law _________ can work in law firms, prosecutor’s office, notary offices, etc.

9) All students ______ 3 state examinations.

7. Speaking. Answer the following questions. Give reasons to your ideas.

1) Do you like your faculty?

2) Do you know any famous people who graduated from the faculty?

3) What are good things about your faculty?

4) Are there any bad things about law faculty?

5) How would you characterize studying at law faculty?

6) What would you change in the faculty if you had a chance?


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